Celebrating, investigating, and reflecting on the food and drink culture in the South and beyond, OKRA magazine is the online journal presence of the SoFAB Institute. OKRA is a venue for both serious and fun ideas and reflections on the culture of food and beverage. Publishing five times each week, posts include sumptuous recipes, cocktail knowledge, history, commentary on food and beverage policy (including topics like obesity, trade, and hunger), investigations into the intersection of food and art (reflecting the topic of the 2013 Culinaria Query), videos of obscure kitchen items in action, book reviews, and the role of food and beverage in literature, film, and pop culture.

OKRA Magazine began publishing in 2010. After outgrowing its home on the Southern Food and Beverage website, OKRA moved onto its own platform in March of 2013. Also in 2013, it moved from being the magazine of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum to being the magazine of the SoFAB Institute.

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